Tongue bath, Swallowing & Pissing

Nicole Lopes has the tits of a goddess and her legs look amazing in fishnets, outlining her gorgeous figure even better. She has a foot fetish andloves to suck toes before putting her mouth to work on cock, especially since tattooes are involved. She has a few inks on herself but the dude is filled and she gets turned on hard by this. That round ass is made for bareback and she knows how to push it back and make cock fit perfect insisde. Like any good girl, she gives a perfect view of her legs spread wide with her cock dongling sideways as she pushes her ass on cock, to make the situation more tense and close to a cum spurting in the air. But she doesn't want an ending to this raw fucking episode yet, she gets to sucking cock again, to prolongue the waiting and increase the excitement. You can't see her round ass bent over without getting a boner in the first 3 seconds, as it is so damn fine, you can cum in your pants just watching it pushing back and forth. Enjoy her sexy ass, only on TSRAW.

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