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Samara de Macedo - Outdoor High Heels and Ass Deep Bareback

Beautiful Brazilian TS Samara de Marcedo is the naughtiness gathered in a perfect shaped babe with huge tits and an ass to fuck a lifetime with no rest. Samara is wearing a green sparkly bikini but she wants it down so her tits and cock can enjoy some freedom. Samara has a tight round ass with a small pleasure ring which must be first played with, pushing a finger inside deep. Smara’s cock gets hard with each finger push and stroking it shoves waves of pleasure in that hot Brazilian TS body. Along with cock stroking, Samara loves her mouth wrapped around cock and sucking it like a lollipop. How else is it going to be ready for that lovely tight and slippery ass? Samara takes it hard inside and moans at every stroke of cock barebacking her ass from behind and with her legs spread. She gets on top of the dick and lets all cock to be shoved inside almost poking through the stomach. Even if Samara is riding like a maniac, her cock stands up hard and firm. The taste of her own ass makes Samara hornier. Sitting on her back all spread and ready, Samara takes a final deep fuck in her ass and blows her load hard while being barebacked. The spurt covers all her belly and makes Samara’s cock almost flat as she smiles and enjoys this. There’s another blow to come though and Samara puts her mouth to work on that, getting mouth filled with an insane load of cum splashing all inside and over her face. Whatever cum is Samara’s cock now it’s getting pissed on the grass as you can watch in this lovely exclusive episode brought to you by TS Raw.