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Washing Down Sperm with Piss 4k

Luana Aquila is a hot, hung, phat ass TS babe. In this episode her brown buns part for bareback dick and after she cums, the guy unloads in her mouth and gives her lots of piss to drink it down! Luana is dressed in black lingerie and slutty fishnet stockings. Luana presents herself ass first, knowing guys love to dive deep in her round derriere. Luana's deeply tanline tits pour out from her top and dark nipples tugged on for good measure. Her growing bulge can be seen through her see-through mesh panties. Luana slurps on the POV's cock having it grow to full attention in her mouth. Luana engulfs the entire meat, feverishly sucking on the man's cumstick. Luana turns reverse and plants her ass on the bareback sheath. Luana's buns quake as she bounces up and down and she twists around to show her cock about to break through her panties. Luana pulls out her cock and pops the plunging dick from her willing ass for doggystyle pounding. For her orgasm Luana is fucked missionary, stroking her long dick until beads of white cum pour from her piss slit. After she cums Luana tells the guy she wants to suck him off in the shower she he can cum and piss in her mouth. Who could turn down that request! Luana sucks and strokes the rod into her hungry mouth until the guy is close. With a few more pumps the POV erupts spunk down her the runway of Luana's tongue and down her throat. With the taste of spunk in her mouth Luana wants to follow it up with kinky piss. She knows not many girls will do this and relishes being able to provide a special kind of pleasure to her men. Piss fills Luana's mouth and runs down her body. To end the session Luana unloads her own stream of piss in the tub. Another fantastic fetish session at the hottest Latina TS site, TsRaw.