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Laura Andrade - Red Panties Aside Bareback

Laura Andrade's gorgeous transsexual body couldn't look better in this fury red/black bikini. It's a skintight bikini showing off her sexy TS curves. Laura teases her stallion ass knowing it will turn him on. She exposes her big soft titties and slides aside her panties. Laura's cock is in full erect as his finger slide deep into her insatiable ass! Slowly jerking her own stick for extra pleasure. Seeing his cock has grown hard, Laura slurps on a POV cock. His cock throbs in Laura's mouth as her tongue does not miss one inch. She expertly works the shaft and moans of pleasure. Laura can't wait to feel his unprotected bare cock inside her gaping TS love-hole but first performs a little frottage play rubbing their dicks against each other. What a horny sight! Laura goes in reverse cowgirl position and gets fucked hard and deep. Her dick is flying around like a helicopter while bouncing up and down his hard dick. Laura goes face-down-ass-up for the traditional doggystyle position as her ass is filled with raw cock. As his cock pleasures Laura's prostate her cock spurts hot fresh TS sperm all over her belly. Enjoy this original episode with the foxy Laura Andrade only on TSRAW.