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Andreia Scofani - Pink Panties White Cock Bareback

Andreia Scofani makes you feel like you’re in the presence of a goddess with her voluptuous body, curved shapes and an amazing smile. Those big tits are close to a legend, bouncing around like two giant footballs with hard and tasty looking nipples. Andreia is wearing a pink short dress which makes her perfect body look even more like a chocolate delight, ready to be tasted. Matched with the dress, Andreia has a pair of small pink bikini which pulled aside with a butt cheek jiggle indulge the eye and let all fantasies catch shape. It’s time for a cock in Andreia’s lovely Brazilian mouth. From the tip to the bottom sucking like she wants to pull all the air out of it, Andreia makes it grow inside her mouth. Andreia’s dong needs some attention too so she bends over and lets it stroked, getting it harder and ready to join the game. That round ass needs a cock inside so after sucking that dick a bit more bringing a new meaning to the word “wood”, Andreia bends over and spreads her hole and greets it with moaning pushing her ass more into it and rubbing those big tits along. After a few hard ass fuck strokes, Andreia gets on top of it and lets all her body slide onto that dick along with slow strokes on her own cock which is now hard as a rock and dangles along while her ass is being barebacked with no mercy. It’s Andreia’s turn to shove her dick inside Vine’s ass bending him over and pushing like a mad TS girl who just got her first ass around dick. As Vine gets close to cumming, Andreia’s juicy ass gets drilled again and every drip of cum gets spilled on her beautiful big tits. Watch Andreia getting barebacked and cumshot in this superb episode brought exclusively by