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Ass Fisting Cum Dripping Ass

When your eyes land on Alexia Rios with her voluptuous body and lovely curves, you won't be able to think about something else than bending her over and do nasty stuff to her. Luckily, she likes playing with her ass, having it pushed in with anal toys, lots of them. First is a cute anal plug with a diamond on it, followed by a big orange dildo, to stretch her perfect ass even more and make it ready for what is to come. A pink one is next, going all the way in and making Alexia moan with pleasure. Pussy stretching clamps are just perfect to gap her ass for the cock but not before a nice anal fisting. Finally, it's time for her ass to be hardcore bareback pounded with full speed, all oiled up and ready for a lot of pleasure pumps. She loves getting her ass fucked from behind and pushes back to feel all that hard cock deep inside her. It's not a complete fuckfest if she doesn't get to suck it a bit and then ride it nicely. Watch her as she cums with her ass filled with cock.