Mara Lopes: Piss in the Ass and Lip Smacking Facial

Mara Lopes puts the kink factor on high in this raunchy TsRaw episode. Mara first opens her sexy string bikini, displaying her tanline tits and sweet cock. Mara pisses wildly swinging her Tgirl stick all around. But this is just the beginning and Mara goes to work on a waiting POV cock. Mara gives great eye-contact while sucking cock. Her eyes sparkle with desire as the dick goes all the way to the root. Mara's soft lips mash against the guys waist taking in every inch. She wants to try something new and bends over with her caramel ass high in the air. Multiple fingers are inserted into Mara to open up her browneye. When it's loose and ready a speculum slides inside. It's cranked open spreading the elastic anal ring completely open. With Mara's ass held open the POV guy starts to piss inside her. Mara can feel her ass fill up with the warm liquid and loves the new sensation. After the watersports Mara has anal beads inserted next and pulled out one-by-one. After a little more sucking Mara is ready for a raw and sweaty session. She rides on top taking the no condom shaft to the hilt. Mara jerks her cumstick fast and cums all over her toned belly. With a lips like Mara has there's little thought as to where to cum. The POV stud spurts a sticky load into Mara's open mouth and down her throat. Mara's tongue tastes the salty hot load making her nipples hard and drunk with the feeling that can only come from risky bareback sex.

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