Luana Dias: Candle Wax and Creampie

Luana Dias likes to walk on the wild side. In this episode Luana starts off in a collar and leash, pissing on the floor. After she finishes she goes to bed with her ass in the air. A lit candle drips hot wax onto Luana's ass cheek. Luana loves the painful pleasure and her black g-string is pulled aside to show off her cute asshole. Luana is finger fucked and starts to deep throat the waiting cock. She takes it all the way down, making the shaft slick with her throat spit. With the cock ready Luana squats above and lowers her ass downward. Her TS ass-pussy swallows the whole cock inch by inch. Luana relishes the thrill of bareback sex and bounces on the raw cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Luana is fucked in multiple positions, each time the cock is pulled from her wanton anus she makes sure to keep it lubed with her lips. Luana strokes her nice prick and spurts a load over her pumping fingers. She wants to fully satisfy her POV lover and see him cum. Luana loves seeing the cock start to spurt, then shoved back inside for a pushed in creampie. She can feel the warm load slide into her bowels. The excitement of it makes her anus tingle and twitch with desire.

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