Kessia Brunelly: Pigtails Roleplay Yard Fuckfest

Dickbabe Kessia Brunelly, also known as Kessia loves roll playing during a bareback fuckfest, especially pretending to be sweet & innocent (while she's NOT) is a huge turn on for Kessia. In these all original TSRAW series Kessia plays an innocent schoolgirl with cute pigtails and a unstoppable need for SEX. The only aspect that wasn't pretend in this episode was her love for BAREBACK SEX and the taste of hot sticky cum jizz in her mouth. Cute Kessia is playing outside her neighbors yard licking a tasty lollipop until she spots something that should even taste better. She starts sucking his full erect cock and seemingly enjoys it as you can tell from her sultry sensual eyes. She just can't seem to get enough! Kessia takes off her blue lingerie set exposing her big soft tits as he plays with them gently. Kessia slides her panties aside exposing her love hole for the first time. She gapes open her anus and his unprotected dick easily slides in and out against her prostate. Kessia moans of pleasure and demands to get fucked harder while furiously stroking her own dick. In this lengthy fuck session Kessia can't hold it any longer and cums all over her neighbors belly while he's still making sweet bareback love to her anus. He reciprocates directly by blowing a hot steamy load of fresh sperm all over her face. Kessia loves the taste, what a great whore! PS: Near the end there's a special bonus as Kessia waters the plants with her piss slit only here on TSRAW!

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