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Debora Tavares - Elastic Asshole Barebacking

Deborah Tavares is built for SEX. Her gorgeous TS body barely covered in a skimpy pink furry bikini. The thong of the bikini rides between Deborah's incredible ass cheeks then is pulled aside to reveal her immaculate asshole. Perfectly wrinkled and lovely, two fingers enter her most private of areas. With a big beaming smile Deborah turns around and immediately engulfs and hard cock with her mouth. She deep throats effortlessly giving endless pleasure with the lips of a goddess. Deborah gives a long blowjob session, making sure the raw POV dick is ready to erupt once it enters her sweet Shemale honeypot. She strops off her bikini and lowers her smooth buns down on the hard cock. Deborah's ass opens wide and accepts the cock to the balls. She bounces on the hard cock, peering over her shoulder enjoying the pleasure she knows she's giving. Reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, cowgirl and missionary are all the way Deborah gives pleasure. She's hard the entire time, stroking her meat and effortlessly fucking simultaneously. The view from the rear is heavenly when Deborah grabs her buns with both hands. The pistoning bareback cock pounds into her bring pleasure to both parties. Deborah wants to see the POV dick cum and opens her mouth wide. She strokes her cock fast and spurts a small load from her foreskined meat. With her mouth open the POV dick spurts jizz at the piercing on Deborah's tongue and onto her lovely TS breasts. Deborah kisses the dick with strings of messy sperm dripping. She then goes outside and pisses a golden stream from her pretty cock onto a stone wall. A wild barebacking session with Deborah Tavares and proud to present it exclusively to our viewers only on TSraw.